69 Camaro – What it Represents

Being the PNWCC webmaster, I get to see all the pics of member’s rides that are added to the photo gallery. The most recent add is a basic, no frills 6-cylinder 69. While most people may pass over this car, the meaning behind it is so much more than surface. Here’s what the owner had to say when he submitted his photo:

“When I was young, my dad had a 69 Camaro. Growing up I had thought that driving a Camaro was the pinnacle of adulthood. My dad passed away when I was in middle school and the car was sold prior to that.

Pulled from a garage in Modesto California in 2017, my Camaro is more to me than a year, make and model; it’s a time capsule of memories.”

It’s not what your car looks like, it’s what it means to you.