Apr 27th – Women’s Tech Session

Apr 27th – Women’s Tech Session at Corvettes of Auburn, 10:00 AM

WOMEN ONLY – This seminar caters to women and teaches them what to watch out for, sounds, smells, etc.  Also how to check the oil and change a tire…you would be surprised a lot of men and women don’t know how to do task as easy as these.  We will go over the car front to back, there will be a car on the hoist and everyone will be able to walk under and look at the bottom and can ask questions.

Most women hear of a seminar about cars and all of a sudden they are not interested and extremely bored.  I can assure you that this is the complete opposite.  This is a hands on experience were women can ask question and not be afraid or be embarrassed for asking.

Each woman will get a goody bag and snacks.

If this sounds interesting to any of the women in the PNWCC club please feel free to sign up.  Send a note to Dale Krehbiel at dalejeank@comcast.net ASAP.  He needs a head count by the end of the second week in April.