May 31st – Jun 2nd – Camaro’s in the Cellar, Yakima

Starting on Friday and extending to Sunday is this year’s installment of Camaro’s in the Cellar in Yakima. Some people are going over on Friday while others will go on Saturday.

The meeting place for either day is the XXX Drive in in Issaquah, meeting time is 10:00 am for Friday and 9:00 am for Saturday. The plan for Saturday is to meet at the Oxford Inn hotel at 11:00 am and leave shortly for the Bonair winery. We will have lunch at the winery, either order from their menu or bring your own food. Be sure to get a little extra to feed the winery dog. After lunch it is off to the wineries, followed by dinner and other activities.

As an added attraction for either Friday or Saturday there is a local truck show: