The Pacific Northwest Camaro Club publishes six newsletters each year.  The newsletters include articles on events, cars, technical information and more.  Read the latest and enjoy!newsletter

July / Aug 2024 Newsletter – Prep for the All Camaro Show on July 28th.  Also, What will the next Camaro look like and what will power the pony car?  See what the GM president has in mind. 

May / Jun 2024 Newsletter – What are the five best Camaros of all time?  Find out in the May/Jun PNWCC Newsletter!

Mar / Apr 2024 Newsletter – Learn about the recent challenges of the modern Camaro and why production has been terminated.

Jan / Feb 2024 Newsletter – Two big events happened in 2023 that closes one chapter in the Camaro history book and starts a new chapter.  Read about them and find out how PNWCC preps for what’s to come.

Nov / Dec 2023 Newsletter – Camaro history, PNWCC election results and more!

Oct / Sept 2023 Newsletter – Ever wonder which Camaros are the rarest ever made?  Read on and you’ll know.

July / August 2023 Newsletter – All Camaro Show results and the 2024 Camaro collector’s edition.  Enjoy!

May-Jun 2023 Newsletter – LS fest, new Z/28 and a 200,000-mile 1969 daily driver.

Mar-Apr 2023 Newsletter – How much horsepower will be in the 2023 Yenko?  Read about it in the newsletter. 

Jan-Feb 2023 Newsletter – Interested in what GM is planning for the Camaro brand?  EV? SUV?  Read all about it.

Nov-Dec 2022 Newsletter – Do you know the history of the Z28?  Learn all about it in the Nov-Dec 2022 PNWCC newsletter.

Sept-Oct 2022 Newsletter – All Camaro Show recap and what’s in store for the 2024 Camaro.  Enjoy!

Jul-Aug 2022 Newsletter – Read all about the successful 2022 All Camaro Show as well as some other great articles.

May-Jun 2022 Newsletter – 2023 Camaro review, event recaps, and what Camaro would you buy if you had unlimited funds.  Enjoy. 

Mar-Apr 2022 Newsletter – PNWCC trip reports, LT1 vs. 1SS, Project Car and more!

Jan-Feb 2022 Newsletter – 35th anniversary for PNWCC!  Also, a review of Camaro history.  A long life with many changes to compete with the Mustang. 

Nov-Dec 2021 Newsletter – 2021 NASCAR championship in a Camaro.  2024 Camaro Special Edition package.

Sept-Oct 2021 Newsletter – 2022 COPO Camaro. Go big or go home!

Jul-Aug 2021 Newsletter – 2022 Camaro? 2021 All-Camaro-Show (ACS) recap?  Learn it all in the Jul-Aug newsletter.

May-Jun 2021 Newsletter – Electric Camaro? Yenko Camaro-Nomad?  Learn about it all in the May-Jun PNWCC Newsletter.

Mar-Apr 2021 Newsletter – Learn about the upcoming All Camaro Show, GM future plans for the Camaro and a Crate Camaro.  It’s all in the newsletter.  Enjoy.

Jan-Feb 2021 Newsletter – First newsletter for 2021 and a welcome word from our new president.  Enjoy!

Nov-Dec 2020 Newsletter – How does your Camaro stack up against the 3rd Gen? Read the newsletter and find out.

Sept-Oct 2020 Newsletter – Have you ever heard of a Cantara Camaro?

Jul-Aug 2020 Newsletter – Includes an article on the history of the Camaro powerplants, starting with the 67.  Enjoy!

May-Jun 2020 Newsletter – Another work of art from our VP.  Enjoy!

Jan-Feb 2020 Newsletter – First newsletter from our newly elected VP.  Enjoy!

May-Jun 2019 Newsletter – Another fine newsletter.  Great article / pics on Dale’s 67.

July 2018 Newsletter (pdf) – Read it and enjoy!

July-Aug 2017 Newsletter (pdf) – Another great masterpiece from Sara.  Thanks!

May-Jun 2017 Newsletter (pdf) – The summer kicks off bank! Let the fun begin.

Mar-Apr 2017 Newsletter (pdf) – Masterpiece #2.  Thanks Sara!

Jan-Feb 2017 Newsletter (pdf) – Great newsletter prepared by Sara.  Enjoy!

Sept-Dec 2016 Newsletter (pdf) – Is this Gary’s last newsletter?  The next VP will have a tough act to follow.

May-Jun 2016 Newsletter (pdf) – Gary is a master at writing newsletters.  I think he should have this job for life! :-)

Mar-Apr 2016 Newsletter (pdf) – They just keep getting better.  Enjoy!

Jan-Feb, 2016 Newsletter (pdf) – And yet another great work of art from Gary.  He should be editor for life :-)

Nov-Dec, 2015 Newsletter (pdf) – Another masterpiece prepared by Gary.  Great recap of summer events.  enjoy!

Jun-Jul, 2015 Newsletter (pdf) – A recap of the many great events over the last several months and a few more before the summer ends.  Camaros!

Apr-May, 2015 Newsletter (pdf) – Another great PNWCC newsletter.  Enjoy!

Jan-Feb, 2015 Newsletter (pdf) – First newsletter from the new administration.  Good stuff!

Nov-Dec, 2014 Newsletter (pdf) – Last newsletter prepared by Mike Montgomery.  Enjoy!

Sept-Oct, 2014 Newsletter (pdf) – Another great novel prepared by Mike Montgomery.  Excellent reading!

July-August, 2014 Newsletter (pdf) – Some good reading.  Pour yourself a class of wine, relax and enjoy!

May-Jun, 2014 Newsletter (pdf) – Another 7 MB novel.  Allow some time but worth the reading.

Mar-Apr, 2014 Newsletter (pdf) – It’s a 7 MB file so may take some time to download.  Well worth the wait :-).

Jan-Feb, 2014 Newsletter (pdf) – 6 MB file.

Nov-Dec, 2013 Newsletter (pdf)

Sept-Oct, 2013 Newsletter (pdf)

Jul-Aug, 2013 Newsletter (pdf)

May-Jun, 2013 Newsletter (pdf)

Mar – Apr, 2013 Newsletter (pdf)

Jan – Feb, 2013 Newsletter (pdf)