The Pacific Northwest Camaro Club publishes six newsletters each year.  The newsletters include articles on events, cars, technical information and more.  Read the latest and enjoy!newsletter

Sept-Oct 2021 Newsletter – 2022 COPO Camaro. Go big or go home!

Jul-Aug 2021 Newsletter – 2022 Camaro? 2021 All-Camaro-Show (ACS) recap?  Learn it all in the Jul-Aug newsletter.

May-Jun 2021 Newsletter – Electric Camaro? Yenko Camaro-Nomad?  Learn about it all in the May-Jun PNWCC Newsletter.

Mar-Apr 2021 Newsletter – Learn about the upcoming All Camaro Show, GM future plans for the Camaro and a Crate Camaro.  It’s all in the newsletter.  Enjoy.

Jan-Feb 2021 Newsletter – First newsletter for 2021 and a welcome word from our new president.  Enjoy!

Nov-Dec 2020 Newsletter – How does your Camaro stack up against the 3rd Gen? Read the newsletter and find out.

Sept-Oct 2020 Newsletter – Have you ever heard of a Cantara Camaro?

Jul-Aug 2020 Newsletter – Includes an article on the history of the Camaro powerplants, starting with the 67.  Enjoy!

May-Jun 2020 Newsletter – Another work of art from our VP.  Enjoy!

Jan-Feb 2020 Newsletter – First newsletter from our newly elected VP.  Enjoy!

May-Jun 2019 Newsletter – Another fine newsletter.  Great article / pics on Dale’s 67.

July 2018 Newsletter (pdf) – Read it and enjoy!

July-Aug 2017 Newsletter (pdf) – Another great masterpiece from Sara.  Thanks!

May-Jun 2017 Newsletter (pdf) – The summer kicks off bank! Let the fun begin.

Mar-Apr 2017 Newsletter (pdf) – Masterpiece #2.  Thanks Sara!

Jan-Feb 2017 Newsletter (pdf) – Great newsletter prepared by Sara.  Enjoy!

Sept-Dec 2016 Newsletter (pdf) – Is this Gary’s last newsletter?  The next VP will have a tough act to follow.

May-Jun 2016 Newsletter (pdf) – Gary is a master at writing newsletters.  I think he should have this job for life! 🙂

Mar-Apr 2016 Newsletter (pdf) – They just keep getting better.  Enjoy!

Jan-Feb, 2016 Newsletter (pdf) – And yet another great work of art from Gary.  He should be editor for life 🙂

Nov-Dec, 2015 Newsletter (pdf) – Another masterpiece prepared by Gary.  Great recap of summer events.  enjoy!

Jun-Jul, 2015 Newsletter (pdf) – A recap of the many great events over the last several months and a few more before the summer ends.  Camaros!

Apr-May, 2015 Newsletter (pdf) – Another great PNWCC newsletter.  Enjoy!

Jan-Feb, 2015 Newsletter (pdf) – First newsletter from the new administration.  Good stuff!

Nov-Dec, 2014 Newsletter (pdf) – Last newsletter prepared by Mike Montgomery.  Enjoy!

Sept-Oct, 2014 Newsletter (pdf) – Another great novel prepared by Mike Montgomery.  Excellent reading!

July-August, 2014 Newsletter (pdf) – Some good reading.  Pour yourself a class of wine, relax and enjoy!

May-Jun, 2014 Newsletter (pdf) – Another 7 MB novel.  Allow some time but worth the reading.

Mar-Apr, 2014 Newsletter (pdf) – It’s a 7 MB file so may take some time to download.  Well worth the wait :-).

Jan-Feb, 2014 Newsletter (pdf) – 6 MB file.

Nov-Dec, 2013 Newsletter (pdf)

Sept-Oct, 2013 Newsletter (pdf)

Jul-Aug, 2013 Newsletter (pdf)

May-Jun, 2013 Newsletter (pdf)

Mar – Apr, 2013 Newsletter (pdf)

Jan – Feb, 2013 Newsletter (pdf)